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Learning English with Fabio

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Some celebrities are just absolutely perfect for English, baby! celebrity English lessons. Who better to talk about muscles and fitness than the 1980s and ’90s ideal of the male form, Fabio?

When we discovered that Italian stalion was visiting our local Whole Foods store to promote his new line of whey protein, we headed right over. The scene we found was surprisingly low-key and personal. Fabio posed for pictures with fans and spoke with each individual for a few minutes. He is very enthusiastic and really wants to help people get in shape.

We gave him the chance to take that message to people learning English all over the world in this English lesson.

I love the way he explains “buff.” Like, “Oh, ‘buff’? Sure, that’s about muscles. Now back to protein.” You have to admire his passion. His explanation of how he learned English shows his drive, and I think offers some really helpful info to our members.

But Fabio is lots of fun too. That’s what makes him such a perfect for English, baby! You can see him indulging his fans by lifting one up for a photo. On his last visit to Portland, he even stopped by a local news station to broadcast the weather. If only other celebrities wouldn’t take themselves so seriously.

Image: How could camera man Scott Ballard and I leave without a photo? Taken by a random Fabio fan.