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As The World Learns Season 5: Ch-Ch-Changes

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

A lot can happen in a weekend. This season of the English lesson soap opera finds Jeff coming into work on Monday after missing the previous Friday for dental surgery. He’s surprised to find that Amanda has not only been hired, she’s also dating Mason. At the end of last season, it wasn’t clear at all what would happen.

As the English lesson videos continue, so do the changes. Marni is pregnant, and we soon learn that someone might loose their job. By the end of the season, two characters will leave and two will be united a way no one ever thought possible. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. There are lots of cool English phrases to learn first.

5.01 – Make Someone’s Head Spin: All the changes at the office have Jeff confused.
5.02 – Let Someone In: Amanda is moving too fast for Mason.
5.03 – Under Wraps: Marni has a secret, but how long can she keep it?
5.04 – Go Overboard: Amanda tries harder than she has to.
5.05 – Let Someone Go: Someone at the office might lose their job.
5.06 – Step Up: Jeff offers to help Marni in any way she needs.
5.07 – Save the Day: Amanda comes up with a plan to save her job.
5.08 – Rat Race: Devan and Jason have enough of the city.
5.09 – Come Clean: It feels good to tell a secret, so everyone does.
5.10 – Let Go: Mason’s friends help him take a big step.