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Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Liu Jiayu



English, baby! 在冬奥赛前就注意到中国单板滑雪新星刘佳宇。在温哥华访问刘佳宇时,她用简单的英文接受了访问,问到她是如何学英文的,她说是自学的。年纪轻轻的她, 还真好学!

在一段Ebaby! “Drop In” 的英文课程视频里,她先解释了”Drop In” 在单板滑雪中不同于一般的用法。

我们也请她教大家另一个单板滑雪的入门英文单字。在英文里,“Goofy” 一般是用来形容古怪的人,但是你知道“Goofy” 在单板滑雪中是什么意思吗?刘佳宇在Ebaby!英文视频”Drop In“中示范给你看!

Speaking English with Sun Zhifeng, Cai Xuetong and Liu Jiayu (孙志峰、蔡雪彤、刘佳宇)

Friday, February 19th, 2010

china still 6

If it weren’t for the cameras, you wouldn’t have known they were Olympic athletes. At the airport, the Chinese snowboarding team just looked like a bunch of kids arriving in Vancouver to head up to the mountain.

Two media outlets were there to capture the arrival of the greatest foreign threat to a sport dominated by Americans, CCTV–the NBC of China–and English, baby!

CCTV’s coverage aired that night. The story took the angle that the athletes’ first challenge in Canada was to use their English skills with the media.

The athletes acted like seasoned, secretive stars and didn’t give any in-depth responses to questions from the CCTV reporter. Luckily, we weren’t looking for anything in-depth from them, we were just hoping to have fun making a couple of English lessons. Take a look at our first video with Liu Jiayu(刘佳宇), Sun Zhifeng(孙志峰), and Cai Xuetong(蔡雪彤), a lesson on the phrase “drop in.”

The finals for women’s half pipe are just about to start and we are excited to see how Liu Jiayu and Sun Zhifeng, who made it through the preliminary rounds will do!