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Ebaby! Teachers at the 2012 London Olympics

Friday, August 10th, 2012

The 2012 London Olympic Games are almost over. It’s been an especially exciting Olympics for us at English, baby! because although we weren’t there as we were in Beijing and Vancouver, many of our guest English teachers were competing.

We were especially happy to see Karina LeBlanc, and the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team win bronze today. We were, of course, thrilled that our own American team won the gold, but it was bittersweet because our friend Ali Krieger did not participate due to injury.

One of our first celebrity English lessons ever was with French basketball player Nicolas Batum. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but you wouldn’t know it from the punch he gave Juan Carlos Navarro of Spain. It’s great to see him being aggressive and passionate, but it’s a shame that this punch is probably what he is best known for now. Navarro’s squad, along with our friend Sergio Rodriguez, is heading to the semi-finals tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we’ve been back here in the States making sure all of our members around the world had plenty of Olympics-related English lesson topics to study these last couple of weeks. We featured lessons about the host city, competitiveness, underdogs, the 2012 Olympics in general, and helpful Olympic idioms like go for it and catch up.

Image: Karina LeBlanc celebrates with teammate Sophie Schmidt after winning the women’s bronze medal soccer match. By Paul Hackett of Reuters.

Learning Soccer Slang with International Stars

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

We recently got a taste of World Cup action just up the street from the English, baby! office in Portland. The US Women’s National Team took on the Canadians, and two of the athletes were happy to teach some new vocabulary to our members around the world.

Canadian goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc talked about the number one term every goalie must know, “save”. She was tons of fun. We grabbed her right after she said hello to ESPN broadcaster and women’s soccer legend Julie Foudy (pictured above).

There were a few hundred fans there to watch the teams practice. Just before signing some autographs, US defender Ali Krieger gave us an interview. Since she’s such a smart player and a leader, we had her teach the more abstract term “distribution.” She also happened to use the phrase “sink or swim,” so we turned that into a second video.

We also recently featured a pair of lessons by the only Japanese player in MLS, Kosuke Kimura. He talks about last year’s MLS Cup in which his Colorado Rapids pulled off a come from behind victory, and he demonstrates how to “cut the angle” in a hotel lobby. This easy going attitude has made Kosuke a fan favorite, so it’s no surprise that these videos were covered by soccer blogs including Soccer 365 and Burgundy Wave.

You can find more soccer slang lessons on English, baby! See you next season.

International LPGA Stars Teach Golf Vocabulary

Friday, September 16th, 2011

With our Celebrity English Lesson series, the philosophy is, you might as well learn from the best. While we’ve had guest teachers from all sorts of sports and entertainment fields, it’s rare that we get someone who is actually the very best at what they do (gold medalists Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo and Girl Talk come to mind). So we’re thrilled to have defending LPGA Champion and number female 1 golfer in the world, Taiwanese superstar Yani Tseng.

Yani shares some basic golf terms and talks about learning English. At 22, she’s the youngest golfer ever to win 5 majors, so the fact that she acquired excellent English skills along the way is no small accomplishment!

We spoke with Yani at the LPGA Safeway Classic in North Plains, Oregon. Our friend John Canzano even mentioned us in his coverage of the event for The Oregonian. It was the Pro-Am day, and a couple of other well-known players were available to help us teach English as well. Korean star IK Kim was practicing on the putting green when we found her and chatted about the phrase “hole in one”.

Beatriz Recari was actually checking out some sunglasses from a vendor on the fairway (Spaniards love them some shades), but was happy to share her favorite golf term, “stinger”, with us and talk about her mission to learn exotic languages.

After we talked to Beatriz, she headed off to lunch. Food came up in our interview with Yani as well, so we put together this bonus clip just for the blog.

The LPGA Tour is heading to Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Mexico this fall, as well as other places. Say hi for us if you see any of these athletes!

Tackling Challenges with Aurelien Collin

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Aurelien Collin is one of those people you meet and instantly wish was your good friend. He is so fun and energetic and you don’t even have to talk to him to see it–you can tell by the way he plays.

Even at training, Collin is a physical player, making plays for the ball, shouting and waving his arms. When he’s on the pitch representing Sporting Kansas City, he’s an animal–no one can miss this French star.

Naturally, we asked him to teach some fairly active terms when he agreed to be our latest celebrity English teacher. We started off with challenge because I had heard that Collin only had a couple of weeks to get ready for the season after joining his new team in KC. That sounded like a challenge to me. Of course, Collin said it wasn’t a challenge at all, but we talked about other types of challenges.

Next, we asked Collin to explain tackle.

Watching Collin speak English is kind of like watching him stop a striker. He has to get creative and he tackles the problem with confidence. MLS and Sporting KC are lucky to have this guy and so are we!


Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Liu Jiayu



English, baby! 在冬奥赛前就注意到中国单板滑雪新星刘佳宇。在温哥华访问刘佳宇时,她用简单的英文接受了访问,问到她是如何学英文的,她说是自学的。年纪轻轻的她, 还真好学!

在一段Ebaby! “Drop In” 的英文课程视频里,她先解释了”Drop In” 在单板滑雪中不同于一般的用法。

我们也请她教大家另一个单板滑雪的入门英文单字。在英文里,“Goofy” 一般是用来形容古怪的人,但是你知道“Goofy” 在单板滑雪中是什么意思吗?刘佳宇在Ebaby!英文视频”Drop In“中示范给你看!

English, baby! 訪問中国冬奧单板滑雪选手刘佳宇、蔡雪彤、孙志峰

Friday, February 19th, 2010

china still 6

在温哥华机场, English, baby! 有幸访问了中国冬奥单板滑雪队, 选手刘佳宇也教大家在单板滑雪上”Drop in” 的用法。

目前三位中国冬奥选手刘佳宇、蔡雪彤、及孙志峰, 在单板滑雪女子U型池排名世界第二、三、四名。他们有望冲击奖牌, 甚至金牌。


Drop in” 在英文通常表示非正式或突然的访问某人,刘佳宇在Ebaby!视频中教大家”Drop in” 在单板滑雪中不同的用法。在这里看Ebaby!英文视频课程学”Drop in“的用法。

The Olympic Spirit…Of Spandex!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

In just over a week, the greatest event in the world for spandex will begin. No, it’s not a professional wrestling championship, it’s the Winter Olympics, of course!

From bobsledders to skiers, Olympic athletes from every country wear lots of spandex. Here at English, baby!, the team we’re sending to Vancouver to bring back lessons on winter sports idioms is no different. Today we launched our official Ebaby! at the Vancouver Olympics page, and the most important element of our Olympic uniforms just arrived–the Ebaby! blue spandex body suit!

The photo is me in my speed skating pose, and as you can see, the theme of “something you’d be a little embarrassed to wear in public” carries over from our 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics uniforms. I think that wearing silly outfits helps encourage people we meet to participate in our videos. Even if you stumble on your words or lose at the game we’re playing, there’s no way you’ll dumber than us!

We stood out so much on the streets of Beijing that strangers stopped to take pictures of us. I wonder if we’ll be such a spectacle in Vancouver. We can’t get too distracted being ridiculous–we’ve been hard at work planning the best ways to create educational and memorable English lessons at the Olympics. We’re dedicated to bringing home even more gold (so to speak) than the videos made in Beijing. Take a look at our new Olympic banner and get ready!